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Yacht Charters in Adriatic and Mediterranean Sea

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Property in Montenegro

Vacation property on Adriatic Coast! Find your dream vacation house in Montenegro!


AMC offers sailboats and power yachts in Adriatic. We can offer different charters and destinations in Adriatic sea. Your premier Adriatic source for charter yacht vacations and small-ship cruises. AMC can professionally help you to find a perfect yacht charter vacation with the best suiting for your needs boat. Vacation on the boat allows you to spend you to visit a lot of different places during your hollidays! You can explore the cost of Montenegro and beautiful Croatian Islands!

Start your vacation in Montenegro and Charter one of our boats!
Montenegro has a choice of ports and marinas from where you may begin your charter!


A luxurious port offers more than just a Marina. There friendly service covers everything from Customs and immigration assistance, duty free fuel, reservation of all types and activities orientation ( both in and out of Tivat)! The port has a large variety of restaurants and shops, gym and Sports club and a pool with a view to remember!
The port is situated in a large land locked bay and is thus always calm and protected!


The main port of the region, even though only around the corner, appears that you have entered an entirely different country! Surrounded by its high mountain and pictures island, has been the play ground of many rich and famous people for decades! Here you are moored to the dock in the center of town and you are greeted by the city with in the walls! One of history of refuge during the wars, not so long ago! Most of the town has been converted into shops and restaurants, but for the most part, is still in its original state! Many families still live within the walls as they have and their generations before, lived!

Hercig Novi

It is not much of a yacht charter destination. With only one port and the rest of the coastline of rocky beaches and a open to the mouth of the bay keeps a small wave on the beaches! It offers a 6km waterfront of restaurants, snack bars and miscellaneous shops!


A holiday town that draws people from Russia, Albania, Hungary and many other countries to come and enjoy the sun and beaches during the summer months! It to has its city within the walls and world famous hotels!


This is the main commercial port of Montenegro, it has some beautiful beaches and restaurants, but not much of a tourist destination! The Montenegrin coastline is a short and jaggered one, offering many small coves and beaches, often secluded or with a small restaurant! For this reason, it is a wonderful place to begin you charter and then continue to Croatia or South to Corfu! Montenegro has no Charter tax laws and thus is most often used as a start off location for charters! Croatia, Having just joined the EU ( 01 July 2013) has had a lot of changes to the legislation and infrastructure! The do have charter laws that will have you taxed on you time in the country during your charter!


Croatia has over 2000 Islands along its coastline! Some only rocks, but often a great place to stop and snorkel! Having so many Islands often means that you can find a secluded bay, if that is what you are after! It also means that there are many locations where you will find other yachts anchored for the night and offering the opportunity to meet others from around the world enjoying the beautiful calm waters of the Croatian Islands! Croatia offers a coastline of many small bays and river ways that offer anything from a quiet place on your own, protection from almost any wind direction