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Yacht Charters in Adriatic and Mediterranean Sea

AMC Goals & Service

Adriatic Marine Charter, provides its clients with luxury yacht charters & sales in the Adriatic area. We are a dynamic growing company offering improved services and professionalism for the yacht charter industry.
We strive to deliver well organized charters on the best possible charter yachts. As we do not own or directly manage all the yachts available, we strive to offer objectivity and non-bias pairing of the best yachts for our clients, sourcing through out the world to make the best possible combination for your vacation on board. AMC is a part of EWT Group company located in Europe.
If you have any questions about AMC or the yacht charter process please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Marina in Tivat
Our Goals

• Present charter vessels that provide the best possible match to the client’s ideals for the time on board!

• Providing quick and professional support from the very first contact and throughout the clients experience with our company. Building long lasting relationships with our clients

Clients’ needs are our priority! Charter Yacht is an amazing experience to spend a wonderful vacation with people you love!
We are here to help our clients to find perfect choice for their dream vacation!

To achieve this we do the following:

• Provide professional customer service which is second to none
• Locate, with contacts, the most suitable yachts for each and every
client’s on board experience! Whether you know exactly what you require, or require some assistance in creating that extra ordinary experience.
• To feel welcome with every time you contact us.
• Each charter deposit is kept in a trust account (escrow)!
• Organize catering and all other details of the charter according to your preferences!

What else we can do for you:

• Planning of additional activities from fishing, scuba diving,
windsurfing, surfing trips, kayaking, jet skiing, water skiing, private parties and special event, to name but a few! Fine dining ashore at recommended restaurants, or aboard with professional Chefs, Ecological based charters, whale watching, dolphins, rays, coral fish, sharks or go ashore to experience the local wild life or culture.
• You can begin and end your charter almost anywhere and when is best fits you.
• Once you have an idea of where you would like to charter, we will find the best suitable match with in the budget you provide!
• There is no extra cost to you when using our services. The charter company operator pays our commission.
• AMC brings the expression, "the world is yours" to life.

We work with some of the leading charter companies that specialize in luxury vacations. This provides us with access to a virtually of top quality charter vessel on Mediterranean coast!
We will find the perfect yacht for your vacation ideals & needs. This is one of the best ways to "de-stress".
We strive to supply full-service yacht charter support company, with an amazing team of experts ready to support and professionally assist our clients providing luxury yacht charters, ownership and management. Whatever your yachting need may be, our innovative team is ready to handle all your requirements with the utmost professionalism and discretion. Yachting is an enjoyable experience!

Please do not hesitate to contact us!