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Yacht Charters in Adriatic and Mediterranean Sea

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• Booking conditions
• Travel Documentation
• Changes or Cancellation
• Bareboat Yacht Charters
• Privacy conditions

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Booking conditions

AMC is acting as an Agent on behalf of charter yacht owners or travel agents.
By making yacht charter reservation you agree that you have read and accepted the following terms and conditions of the booking.
The Agent has a right to use the service of a third party to provide the service outlined following the standard terms of the company. All conditions will be fully described in the charter contract. The details of yacht charter will be sent to you with the confirmation documents.
We are happy to help clients to choose and book charters by providing as much information as possible and to answer any questions that the client may have. However, the Agent bares no responsibility for the accuracy or omissions of information provided by the yachts owners or third party service providers (such as technical boat conditions, inventory, etc.)
To secure the availability and pricing of the charterer, a deposit of 50% of the charter and estimated expenses is required within 7 days of your reservation. If there are any changes to the price or any other arrangements you will be told at the time of booking. Payments are made in EUR, or the currency negotiated by the contract. The balance of the price of the charter and estimated expenses are due no later than 60 days of the charter date. If you fail to pay on time, the company reserves the right to cancel your charter, without refund of the deposit.
The difference between actual costs of expenses during the charter and the expenses deposit is the responsibility of the client. The Agent has the right to correct price in case of any errors that may occur.
For barefoot charters, an additional charge for insurance premium and a Security Deposit is required to cover the risk of loss of equipment, damage to the boat or late return.
All other terms and conditions are described in the charter contract.

Travel Documentation

Clients are responsible to have all necessary documentation for charter travelling including valid passports, visas and travel insurance. Many countries require passports to be valid for 6 months beyond your stay.
Please contact your Doctor to determine which vaccines and medicines you need to have with you during your charter.
Client agrees to provide the necessary information in a mutually agreed manner and to inform the Agent promptly of any changes that might occur.

Changes or Cancellation

In case of the client wants to cancel a yacht charter, he is obliged to inform the Agent immediately in writing. Cancellation will be effective on the date when the Agent receives the written cancellation. Please ensure that we have received your communications. The cancellation process will be regulated by the yacht charter contract.
Airlines delays may cause minor changes to the charter reservation. The client is obliged to inform the Agent about changes as soon as possible. Cancellation and amendment charges are payable if a booking or other purchase is cancelled or amended after it has been confirmed.
In the case that a charter is cancelled by the client, the agent will retain commission owing on the charter. If the client wishes to make changes to the booking after confirmation the agent will estimate the additional costs and will make the necessary arrangements.
The agent reserves the right to make necessary changes should they become necessary. All changes will be agreed with the client at the earliest possible date. The agent reserves the right to cancel your charter arrangements in case of yacht become unavailable. We will do our best to provide you other alternatives. In case of cancelation initiated by the Agent (except the force majeure cases: war, riot, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, fire adverse weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances that may amount to force majeure) money will be returned to the client in accordance to the conditions of the contract. At our discretion, we reserve the right to terminate without notice the yacht charter of any client whose behavior is likely to cause distress, damage, danger or annoyance to other customers, staff, and any third party or to property. This includes refusal to comply with the instructions or orders of the company staff, agent or other responsible person.
The client and all members of their party are required to abide by the laws of the visited countries and should not commit an act contrary to the laws of the country. If an unlawful act is committed, the Agent can terminate without notice the yacht charter. You and/or your party will carry full responsibility and answer to the appropriate Authorities.

Bareboat Yacht Charters

You have the right to inspect the bareboat yacht, her gear and inventory and to ensure that all items are present and in good working condition. On signing the Take-Over Form, you accept that the yacht fully corresponds to your requirements for the charter and you will have no right to claim any loss of time or expense caused by any accident or breakdown or failure of any part of the yacht. However, such acceptance does not imply that you assume responsibility for any failure, damage, loss or expense due to normal wear and tear, or defects which are agreed and noted on the Take-Over Form. If you return the yacht late, you will be liable to pay a penalty charge and all recovery costs. In case a crew is required to be placed on board if for the safety of the yacht and its occupants, a daily charge will be made for the crew member.
No pets are permitted on board unless otherwise stipulated.

Privacy conditions

By sending an enquiry to AMC, a client accepts that this information will not be shared with any other third parties, except where necessary to process booking or enquiry in order to customize the yacht charter.
The information that the client gives us is kept confidential by AMC and is only used to help us provide our clients with the best customer.
The information provided on the website is for information purposes only. The information provided on the website is not contractual. Please request the most updated information related to your charter by contacting AMC directly. A professional yacht charter consultant will help you in charter selection process.
AMC reserves the right to change at any time, without notice, any information on the website. Prices shown on this Web Site are also updated from time to time.
The exact conditions of the particular yacht charter including pricing and other details will be confirmed on the particular charter contract. AMC shall not be liable for damages as a result of unauthorized access to, errors, omissions, alterations, related to this website.
The Agent bares no responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, authenticity, or representation of information provided by the yachts owners or third party service providers to be listed on the website.
Any disputes arising out from this website or these terms and conditions shall be governed and controlled under and subject of law of Montenegro and the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Montenegrin courts.

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