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Yacht Charters in Adriatic and Mediterranean Sea

vacation on luxury yacht

dream becomes a reality on luxuary boats! Chartters in Adriatic and mediteranian sea

Private Boat Sale

AAMC has a list of boats for sale or we'll find one which will perfectly suites your needs.
Please tell us if you want to buy a new or a used boat. New boats have warranties from a builder and will provide you with trouble-free operation.
Used boats, may be financially better choice, but you take a risk on the overall quality of such boat. It is important to know how proper the maintenance was done and if it’s been involved in any type of accident. For this reason we recomend to hire a marine surveyor for the careful inspection. We provide an assistent to find a quolity surveyor service.
Tell us about your needs and we'll send you a proposal and will be happy to hellp with all steps during your purchasing!


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